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Z 230 High Table

Z 230 High Table

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  1. Elevated Design: A High Table, also known as a bar table or pub table, features an elevated design that is taller than standard dining tables, creating a casual and social atmosphere.

  2. Versatile Height: High Tables typically have a height range between 36 to 42 inches, making them suitable for standing or sitting on high stools or chairs, depending on the preferred seating arrangement.

  3. Space-efficient: High Tables are space-efficient and are often used in areas with limited space, such as kitchens, breakfast nooks, bars, or small dining areas.

  4. Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials like wood, metal, or glass, High Tables offer excellent durability and stability, supporting various activities like dining, socializing, or working.

  5. Modern and Stylish: High Tables come in various styles and designs, from modern and sleek to rustic and traditional, allowing you to choose one that complements your decor and personal taste.

  6. Multipurpose Usage: Besides dining, High Tables are versatile and can be used for various purposes such as cocktail parties, casual gatherings, or as a workspace for laptops or projects.

  7. Easy to Clean: The materials used in High Tables are often easy to clean and maintain, requiring simple wiping or cleaning with mild soap and water.

  8. Customizable Options: Some High Tables may offer customizable options such as adjustable height, removable extensions, or built-in storage shelves, providing flexibility and convenience for different needs.

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