Introducing DA VibeCraft: Your Personalized Interior & Art Guidance!

Introducing DA VibeCraft: Your Personalized Interior & Art Guidance!

At VibeCraft, we don’t just do interiors—we curate spaces that resonate with your unique vibe. Whether you're looking to transform your home or office, our expert team will suggest the best interior designers and art curators tailored to your personal style. Stay updated with the latest furniture trends and visit our store for exquisite seating solutions that elevate your comfort and aesthetics.

Discover the magic of VibeCraft and let us turn your vision into reality. Follow us for more updates and inspiration! View full info on instagram @dafurniturestudio

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Popular British furniture movements and their approximate date ranges include:

Elizabethan (1520–1620)

Jacobean (1603–1625)

Carolean/Restoration (1660–1685)

William and Mary (1690–1730)

Queen Anne (1702–1760)

Georgian (1714–1830)

Rococo (1730–1770)

Gothic Revival (1740–1900)

Neo-Classical (1750–1830)

Regency (1762–1830)

Victorian (1830–1900)

Arts & Crafts (1880–1910)

Art Nouveau (1880–1910)

Edwardian (1901–1910)

Art Deco (1920–1940)


9 historical Christmas treats:

As the Museum of London gets into the Christmas spirit, we decided to take a look at how different Londoners through history have marked the season. Social history curator Beverley Cook delves into the museum's collections to find nine objects that show the origins of today's Christmas traditions.

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